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The True Story, lesson #1 (English)

Rozrywka Książki
Desenvolvedor: iGoMatiK
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The True Story is a collection of comic strips scripted and drawn by Denys Mathey, specifically adapted for the iPhone and the iPod Touch. A number of lessons are planned, each one revisiting 20 historical characters with about 10 panels per character.

Rediscover in pictures the true stories of Napoleon, Leonardo da Vinci, Zorro and many more...

A word from the author, Denys Mathey, scriptwriter and artist:

Is it still possible to create original comic strips?

After making a few forays into the company (gag-strip scenarios and comic strips for the Smurfs...) and approaching the established editors he observed with alarm that the answer is NO!!!

The ultra-marketing of comic strips at present imposes ever more restrictive standardization of published works, and only considers the reader as a mass consumer incapable of appreciating the slightest subtlety… What can be done if, in spite of everything, you want to venture off the beaten track? …well you’ll just have to beat a path through the uncharted territories where you wish to send your readers!

Hence the creation of “Bandes Gribouillées” (Doodled Strips), an auto-publishing “shack” founded in 2006, offering an original comic strips design which favors narration at the expense of esthetism, and contents itself with the minimum of graphics (expressions, composition, readability…) indispensable for an effective production of the story. Have a go and you’ll see, it works just as well as a “real” comic strip!


What if everything you thought you knew about the great figures of history was just a web of barefaced lies?

Prepare yourself for a shock, because the time has come to reveal the genuine truth!

(Here’s a word of advice: never become famous because it could also happen to YOU...!)